Bar Mitzvah at ETC

As per Jewish tradition when a young man turns thirteen he becomes a Bar Mitzvah (Son of Mitzvah) and begins his own Jewish journey. Here at ETC we empower our Bar Mitzvah students with a full range of interactive activities and experiences to launch this next chapter of their lives. 

The Bar Mitzvah Club with Rabbi Sholom Elishevitz is part of the Chabad Hebrew School Sunday Morning Program. Hebrew lessons at 10 AM followed by BMC at 11:00- am12:30 pm. This is a 1 to 2 year program that fully prepares our Bar Mitzvah student for their special milestone, from Hebrew reading, writing and some language to all topics relevant to living life as an informed Jew. When the time comes you will schedule your ceremony/celebration and have private lessons to prepare for it.

Bar Mitzvah Ceremony/Celebration Coordinator Rochie Farkash will help you schedule and plan your personalized Bar Mitzvah Event. Our BMC students and families will work with the ETC Rabbis and Rochie to prepare your son for this important milestone and will give them a meaningful, fun and joyous experience that will last a lifetime.