Rabbi Farkash
Rabbi Mordechai Farkash





Born in Jerusalem, Israel to the world renowned scholar and Author, Rabbi and Prodigy Yekutiel Farkash and his wife Rachel a famous teacher and grand-daughter of the world renowned leader Rabbi Amram Blau of Jerusalem, Israel.


Studied in Toras Emes primary school Jerusalem before traveling to Montreal, Canada where he received his High School Diploma in Judaic Studies at Yeshivas Tomchei Temim Lubavitch. From there he moved on to receive his college degree in Judaic studies in Oholei Torah Institute in Brooklyn, NY.
Married to Rebbitzen Rochie Farkash with 7 beautiful children in Bellevue Washington.



Education, Experience & Core Competences


  • Student Mentor and Teacher in Miami, Florida
  • Student Mentor and Teacher in Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Received his Rabbinic ordination after two years of intense study in Machne Yisroel Kollel Institute - Brooklyn, NY
  • Teacher & Educational Advisor at Menachem Mendel Seattle Cheder, Seattle WA (Present)
  • Teacher of Jewish Law and Talmud at North West Yeshivah High School, MI, WA 
  • Teacher and member of the Seattle Kollel for more than ten years.
  • A competent Chassidic Philosopher and lecturer





  • Referred to as a rabbi’s rabbi, with halachic inquiries concerning marital law and business and medical ethics coming his way daily from all over the world.
  • Author of the book “The order of Chupah and Marriage” and "Agura Beohlecha" on Jewish law.
  • Member of Va'ad HaRabanim of Greater Seattle
  • Member of Va'ad Rabony Lubavitch USA
  • Rabbi Congregation Beis Menachem at Eastside Torah Center
  • Serves as a Rabbi of the Eastside Jewish community
  • Teaches weekly classes to all ages and background
  • Conducts Jewish life cycle ceremonials.
  • Provided hundreds of people with a deeper, more spiritual and meaningful connection to and understanding of the Jewish heritage, resulting in relevant life changing experiences. 
  • Provides counseling to those with mental and physical disabilities as well as Marital Counseling and marriage arrangements.