Grocery Stores

Most grocery stores in the area have a small Kosher section. Two offer a wider selection, including sushi and a bakery:

        Trader Joes — Bellevue/Redmond

        QFC — University Village

        QFC — Mercer Island 

Restaurants & Caterers

        Gold Schnitzel - Mediterranean (Pat Yisrael) — Renton

        Teapot Vegetarian House (Parve) -- Redmond

        Pabla Veggie Cuisine Dairy Chalav Stam) — Renton

        Krispy Kreme — Seattle

        Einstein Brothers Bagel — University Village

        Bamboo Garden Vegetarian Cuisine — Seattle

        Dalia's Catering -- Dalia Amon - 206-722-1150

        Leah's Catering — 206-985-2647 -

        Seattle Kosher Catering — 206-772-1616

 Things to Do

We hope you enjoy your stay in the beautiful city of Seattle! Check out our list of some of our favorite places in the area.