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Connecting Jewish kids with each other while exploring Jewish traditions and values in a fun environment.
Chabad Youth is a vibrant community-based organization offering a wide range of social, cultural, recreational and educational services to thousands of young people. Lead by Rabbi Sholom Ber and Chaya Elishevitz has become a steady-growing and extensive association that is committed to instilling and preserving in Jewish youth a strong sense of identity and pride in their Jewish heritage and culture.
Catering to the vast needs and interests of primary, secondary and tertiary aged students, our programs are specifically designed to provide extra-curricular activities and programming for Jewish school aged students in the wider Jewish community. Chabad aims to equip the Jewish youth of today with Jewish ideals, which will stay with them throughout their adult lives.
» Bar Mitzvah Ceremony & Guidelines
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» Bat Mitzvah Ceremony & Guidelines
We are proud to present you a variety of options to personalize your service and make this day, one to remember for years to come. read more
Upcoming events
Nov. 14, 2018
Join our Challah Party once a month! Take a challah home for yourself and leave one behind to be shared with the elderly, people in need to anyone who in new to the community.