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NOTE: We accept conversions recognized by the rabbinical courts in Israel (Rabanut of Israel).
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I understand that all applicants will be contacted to schedule a meeting with Rabbi Elishevitz to discuss: expected behavior, sign a behavior contract and bring along a check in the amount of $250 as a refundable security deposit. (the check will be returned on the last day of camp).

Camp Dates, Rates, & Deadlines:
16-day road trip for Jewish boys, in 10 - 12th, grades
Dates: Tuesday, July 19 - Wednesday, Aug. 2nd
Odyssey camp fee $2,200
Registration closes May 15th
After May 15th, Late registration camp fee $3,000 and will be put on a wait list
Click here for more details before you register.
Bank fee of 3% for credit card cancellations.

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