Kindergarten through 7th grade:


Gan (kindergarten) learn the Hebrew Letters and create a take home binder of the complete Aleph Bet for the end of year. They also enjoy a daily 25 minute Hebrew language interactive circle with Morah Orit Kedar.

Alpeh (first grade) begin easy Hebrew reading using the Derech Binah Primer and language program, and also enjoy a  daily 25 minute Hebrew Language session with Morah Orit Kedar.

Bet through Bnei Mitzvah (second through seventh) will be divided among 7 levels from beginning readers to advanced Hebrew Speaker to drill on Hebrew reading, writing and language. These levels are overseen and directed by Morah Orit Kedar and facilitated by veteran Hebrew Teachers.


Biblical figures and stories are brought to life at CHS. Pride in our heritage, our holy land of Israel, and the people we come from help to establish an appreciation for our culture and way of life! 

Mitzvot and Life Cycle

Charity (Tzedakah), care and responsibility for all G‑ds creations (Tikun Olam), love of one's fellow (Ahavat Chinam) are just some of the Mitzvot we focus on here at CHS. We will explore their origins and history among our people, as well as their practical application in our daily life. 

As part of our Bnei Mitzvah preparation our students will learn to identify with all milestones of the Jewish life cycle from birth through life coming full circle and to everything in between

Holiday and Shabbat

Traditions and celebrations are so much a part of the Jewish life. Here at CHS we have a program called “Highlight the Holidays”. Every year we spend quite a few lessons exploring our holidays and shabbat. We use song, drama and craft medium to create exciting opportunities for our students to experience a full calendar of celebrations.

Every Year we host a very special Shabbat Dinner, created and prepared by our students and staff. Parents, siblings and grand- parents are invited to attend. This event will be on our school calendar please make sure to mark the date. 

Jewish Morals and Values

Here at CHS we offer our students the opportunity for hands-on discussions regarding life's many joys and challenges and support them in their preparation to becoming a contributing and sensitive members of society.