B'nei Mitzvah Program

This is a two-year program starting in fifth grade for girls and sixth grade for boys. It features a comprehensive review that highlights all things Jewish: Shabbat, the Holidays, Tikkun Olam, the Torah, G‑d, Land of Israel, Tefillin, Prayer, and so much more. The curriculum is supplemented with exciting guest speakers, thought provoking discussions, and fun interactive activities that will prepare your child for their unique B'nei Mitzvah journey and beyond.

If your child's B'nei Mitzvah falls between September and August of the following year, they need be enrolled for the CHS school year.  Once a child registers for the B'nei Mitzvah program, they can make arrangements for private tutoring and schedule a date on the ETC calendar for their personal celebration. Learn more here .

Jewish Heritage Discovery

    - The Shofar Factory

    - Olive Oil Press

    - Matzah Bakery

    - Scribal Arts

Abraham's Tent Shabbat Dinner

Families are invited to a very special Shabbat dinner that is prepared entirely by our students and staff.

Holiday Arts & Crafts

CHS implements arts and crafts lessons to teach students about holidays and nature as most holidays are correlated with agriculture.