B'nei Mitzvah For Life at CHS

The B'nei Mitzvah program at CHS is a two year program, starting in fifth grade for girls and sixth grade for boys. This program is very comprehensive, reviewing and highlighting all things Jewish. Shabbat, the Holidays, Tikkun Olam, the Torah, G‑d, Land of Israel, Tefilin, Prayer, and so much more is all brought to life by our amazing and inspiring B'nei Mitzvah staff, Rabbi Mordechai Farkash, Rabbi Sholom Elishevitz and Chaya Elishevitz. They are devoted to making the Bnei Mitzvah experience one that will remain with your children for a life time.

Exciting guest speakers, thought provoking discussions, and fun interactive activities, will give your child the tools he/she needs to complete their unique B’nei Mitzvah journey.  

Once you join this program, a special meeting is set up to discuss celebration options and availability and private tutorials are arranged.

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If you have any questions please feel free to call or email Rochie Farkash at 206-383-8441 rochie.farkash@gmail.com

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