Our teens and their parents speak out

I had a wonderful experience last year at Cteen’s summer camp. There were many wonderful daily activities such as zip-lining, biking and even a scavenger hunt in Seattle that made each day exciting and new. There was plenty of good food and free time to relax with your friends as well as the incredible trips that we went on. The camp did an amazing job combining fun with learning, as each day we learned something new about Judaism. It was a very memorable experience and I highly recommend it for anyone!
-Sam, Cteen

Our son Ziv had joined the C-teen when he started to study for his Bar-Mitzvah.
Sholom Ber was very supportive and approachable from the beginning and Ziv felt very comfortable with him and the group! He greatly enjoyed the monthly meetings and appreciated the topics/values that were discussed by Chaya and Sholom in a very positive and interesting way! The trip to NY was an amazing experience and we are grateful for this opportunity since there was no other way for Ziv to experience that overseas. The C-teen is a very unique group that keeps the Jewish tradition, unconditional friendship and connection between the teens in our community.
Shabat Shalom,
-Sarit, Mother