Chabad; largest network of Jewish schools, synagogues and outreach centers in the world. Under the auspices and inspiration of the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Shneerson. Click here for detailed information about Chabad Lubavitch.

Since 1995, Chabad at Microsoft has been serving the diverse Microsoft Jewish Community with community programs and classes, recreational activities and practically - everything Jewish.

Chabad at Microsoft interacts with the Microsoft Jewish Community by conducting informative and intriguing weekly Torah classes, Lunch & Learn programs and private one-on-one's; hosting authors, writers, world renowned thinkers and public representatives in lectures and open forums. 

Located at the Eastside Torah Center, only two blocks from Microsoft, it serves as the only Jewish community and Torah Center in walking distance. Open daily for social events, prayer, study groups, family programs, and even social services.

When you think Chabad at Microsoft, think of a home for men and women of all ages, a place to meet new people and feel a sense of community. Where you can and will feel comfortable exploring your Jewish roots and heritage, regardless of background, level of commitment, or personal views.   

Our Mission:  To assist Jewish people on their path to joyful Jewish observance. Our Motto: “Every Jew is family”  

Join a class, join one of our lectures or even a party and get ready to... Open a window to a whole new world.

For more information or to make a donation please contact us at or (425) 957-7860.

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