Friday Night Candle Lighting Service

The Bat Mitzvah ceremony (as detailed on page 1) is followed by the Friday night service for all guests to attend. There will be separate seating and a Mechitza during the actual Shabbat service.

In a Friday evening service, the Bat Mitzvah girl leads the women and girls in the candle lighting and blessing. In the winter the candle lighting will be at the very beginning of the ceremony, and in the summer, the candle lighting will be after the Bat Mitzvah ceremony but before the Shabbat evening service. Please remember that videos and cameras are only allowed until the Candle lighting service.

After the service, the Kiddush is recited by the Rabbi or father/grandfather of the Bat Mitzvah girl. The family of the Bat Mitzvah girl then hosts either a dinner or dessert reception.

Havdalah Service

The service can begin anywhere from one hour after Shabbat ends. The Bat Mitzvah girl welcomes everyone and speaks about the Havdalah ceremony. She honors close family members by having them participate in parts of the service. Havdalah is recited by the Rabbi or the girl's father or grandfather, etc. and the Bat Mitzvah girl recites special Saturday night prayers. The ceremony continues as described on page one. All guests are then invited to the reception. Separate seating is not necessary, unless you plan on doing the Maariv Service

Sunday Morning or Evening Service

A Sunday Bat Mitzvah takes place as described on page one. The service can be followed by a brunch or a reception.