According to Jewish tradition, a Bat Mitzvah reflects a major turning point in the life of a Jewish girl and as such, we believe very strongly that every girl should celebrate this milestone in a meaningful and traditional manner.

We are proud to present you a variety of options to personalize your service and make this day, one to remember for years to come.

Bat Mitzvah Service

The following is a description of a typical Bat Mitzvah service, which is approximately forty-five minutes to one hour, and includes readings from the Torah portion and D'var Torahs (speeches). Three (3) months of practice is typically necessary.

•  Welcome & Introduction
•  Special prayer & Explanation
•  Rabbi's Comments
•  D'var Torah on Parsha and Haftorah
•  Parents' Greeting
•  Yivarechicha Blessing
•  Candy throw and Congratulations from Everyone
•  Mazel Tov sung and played
•  Reception

Optional: Candle Lighting Ceremonies. The Bat Mitzvah girl may choose to honor family members and friends by inviting them to light a candle. She may have as many as 13 candles.


The Pre-Bat Mitzvah “curriculum” serves as a forum for discussion and discovery, encouraging the Bat Mitzvah girls to learn more about this unique time in their lives.

The Bat Mitzvah girl will be paired up with a special tutor who will cover the following syllabus:

  • In depth learning of her Torah portion including selected commentaries 
  • Comprehensive review of the Haftorah and that historical period Famous Biblical Women (will compile a booklet with details from their lives and lessons that can be learned from them)
  • Jewish Life Cycles (unless that has been covered in her Jewish schooling)
  • Research and discussions on the 3 “women's mitzvoth” and their importance to Jewish survival.
  • Translation and history of her favorite prayer

After the majority of the studying has been accomplished, the Bat Mitzvah girl and her tutor will prepare speeches and select verses to read and explain from her Torah and Haftorah portions, favorite prayer, and more.

Mitzvah Projects

The Bat Mitzvah girl will start lighting Shabbos candles every Friday night when she begins her training and will study the history and customs of this tradition.

If she'd like, she can complete a project about this mitzvah to be displayed at her Bat Mitzvah ceremony. In addition, the Bat Mitzvah girl is encouraged to choose a Tzedaka project, (volunteering her time or donating her “maaser” etc.) in honor of her Bat Mitzvah.

Mazel tov on your upcoming simcha!