How to Help Your Child

In order for our program to be most effective, the home and school must work hand in hand and promote a close partnership. The following are a few suggestions.

  1. A growing child needs plenty of rest. Teachers report that often a sluggish, indifferent child in the classroom on Sunday will have been up late the night before. Please set a reasonable bedtime for Saturday night and be consistent.
  2. Please provide your child with a good breakfast before Hebrew School and snack to bring along. A card or sheet with the approved Kosher symbols will be included in packet.
  3. Many of our students are involved in other extra curricular activities, i.e. sports, music lesions etc. All these are important, however, please place priority on your child’s Jewish education.
  4. There is a direct correlation between a student’s attendance and their achievement, interest and attitude. Every time your child is absent, there is a loss of continuity to the program. Please keep your child in school regularly.
  5. It is unfair to your child and classmates to always be late. Please help your child be on time for Hebrew School.
  6. The place to voice your concerns of the school is with the Rabbi, and
    teachers. Please do not discuss schools issues in the presence of your child.
  7. Participation in Synagogue service and celebration of Jewish Holidays will greatly enhance your child’s interest in Judaism and strength and Jewish identity.
  8. Show your child that you are interested in his/her Jewish education by making a habit of asking your children how their day was and what they have learned. This will greatly encourage and help foster a strong and positive attitude.
  9. Parents should ask their child/ren if they have brought home important notices.