Parent / Teacher Communication

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s class, we expect that you will contact the Director, Rochie Farkash. Feel free to do so at any time before or after classes.

Parent / School Communication

Communication between parents and school is very important to ensure that Hebrew School be a meaningful and pleasant experience for your child.

This year we are very excited to introduce the phone app brightwheel, an easy and fun way for our teachers to interact with their students and families. More info will be avaliable upon registration.

Please note that some of our school notices will be sent home with your child, and some will arrive by email. Please check both your email and his/her belongings for these notices, and call us if you have any concerns regarding your child’s performance and/or progress.

Confidential Information

It is of great importance for the teacher to have any information, which can provide for the optimum learning situation. Information of a physical, social and psychological nature can aid a teacher in planning instruction for each child. Specifically, once we know of such difficulties as ADD, ADHD, behavioral or physical handicaps, we can plan accordingly. Without this knowledge, teachers are handicapped and may be unable to provide the kind of support needed. Such information may be transmitted either in a private conference with, or in writing to, the teacher.