ETC - Simple Truths Jul 10 

Simple Truths

Lesson 7 - Joy Revealed

Once a month gathering for women to stimulate body and soul
Last class is Tuesday, July 10 at 7:30 pm

Course includes textbook, wine and hors d'ovres
Walk-in $15 
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Joy Revealed

If you assumed that Judaism was about being somber and sullen, you have not met the real deal.

This lesson demonstrates the extraordinary emphasis that Judaism places on being joyful, explores the role of happiness for the sake of personal well-being and success, and presents a step-by-step journey to achieving happiness based on a deeper appreciation of the purpose of life.

Lesson 1: Claim Your Inheritance
Lesson 2: Where Pleasure Meets Purpose
Lesson 3: Creation Revisited
Lesson 4: The Beauty of the Struggle
Lesson 5: Overcoming Limitation
Lesson 6: To Love Another
Lesson 7: Joy Revealed