Simple Truths

Pivotal Jewish Insights for Centered Living

Once a month gathering for women to stimulate body and soul
7 Monday's - next class is May 14 at 7:30 pm

Course includes textbook, wine and hors d'ovres
Walk-in $15 or Course fee $118
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Simple Truths, a new seven-part course for women explores 12 foundational core beliefs and perspectives of Judaism.  They are insights that anchor us, empower us, and guide us in times of doubt and uncertainty; that nourish our inner oasis of calm and stability; that give us the confidence and know-how to navigate life’s most difficult challenges.

Lesson 1: Claim Your Inheritance
Lesson 2: Where Pleasure Meets Purpose
Lesson 3: Creation Revisited
Lesson 4: The Beauty of the Struggle
Lesson 5: Overcoming Limitation
Lesson 6: To Love Another
Lesson 7: Joy Revealed