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Shavuot Dairy Feast - Wednesday, May 31

Join with the community to welcome the Festival of Shavuot, a celebration for the entire family.

Celebrate at Eastside Torah Center with a Bikurim Harvest Parade, Ten Commandments and our famous delicious dairy lunch with ice cream bar at Eastside Torah Center, 16199 Northup Way Bellevue WA 98008

All Night Learning
Tuesday Night May 30
8:39 pm Candle Lighting 
Learning & Special Classes
Midnight until Dawn
Coffee and Refreshment

Shavuot Festival Dairy Lunch & Children's Ice Cream Party
Wednesday, May 31
9:30 am Shacharit
10:15 am Bikkurim Harvest Parade
11:15 am Reading of 10 Commandments & Children's Ice cream Party

Thursday June 1
9:30 am Shacharit followed by Yizkor




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