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Bar Mitzvah

Bar Mitzvah


Let Eastside Torah Center & Congregation Beis Menachem help you and your son prepare for this "once-in-a-lifetime" experience.

Primary Bar Mitzvah Preparations Include:

Torah Portion:  It is customary for every Bar Mitzvah boy to read a part of his Torah portion directly from a torah scroll with the proper cantellation (troppe). 

Haftorah:  Is is also customary to read a portion of the prophets after the Torah reading with the proper cantellation (troppe). 

Prayer Service Participation:  An opportunity for your son to carry the Torah from the Ark to the Table and say the appropriate blessing for opening the ark.

With enough time to prepare, your son can be leading services! Evening- Kabbalat Shabbat or Morning- Shacharit at our congregation on the week of his Bar Mitzvah or any other time. Contact us to learn how!

Mitzvah Project:  The Bar Mitzvah boy is encouraged to choose a Tzedaka project, (volunteering his time or donating his “maaser” [10% of his earnings] etc.) in honor of his Bar Mitzvah. 

Bar Mitzvah Speech:  What's a Bar Mitzvah Boy without a Bar Mitzvah speech?! 

Bar Mitzvah Certificate:  All Bar Mitzvah students who complete a year of Chabad Hebrew School (or otherwise approved) will receive an official certificate of Bar Mitzvah signed by Rabbi Mordechai Farkash.

Tutoring and Fee: The Bar Mitzvah boy needs to work with a private tutor once a week for approximately 3 months to learn how to lead the services, read from the Torah and put on Tefillin.  Cost is $300 (includes 10 30-min. classes).

Bar Mitzvah Cost: The Eastside Torah Center offers this service to the Jewish community.  A suggested donation for all Bar Mitzvah celebrations (includes using our center) is $500. 

Please contact us for complete details. 
(425) 957-7860

Celebration Opportunities: We can also assist you in arranging a beautiful and memorable experience for your son, your family and friends.  Let us help you in some of your Bar Mitzvah preparations including invitations, catering, kiddushim, location, religious articles etc.

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