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Kindergarten through 7th grade:


Our students learn to read, write and apply Hebrew. We use the acclaimed Alpeh - Champ system for fluency and have created our very own curriculum for units utilizing Hebrew vocabulary and grammar. We also offer special track for Hebrew speakers.


Our students are introduced to all the characters and stories in the Bible . They are given an overview of Jewish History starting with creation to modern day Israel.


Our students will experience interactive lessons to bring to life the beauty and uniqueness of our Homeland.

Mitzvot and Life Cycle

Tzedakah, Ahavat Chinam, Tikkun Olam are just some of the mitzvot our students will explore, learning about the origins of these mitzvot, and their practical application in daily life. Our students will explore their personal “Jewishness” by learning about and identifying with the Jewish life cycle, from Birth until life’s completion and everything in between.

Holiday and Shabbat

Traditions and celebrations are so much a part of the Jewish Culture. Here at CHS we have a program called “Highlight the Holidays”. Every year we spend quite a few lessons exploring our holidays and shabbat. We use song, drama and craft medium to create exciting opportunities for our students to experience a full calendar of celebrations.

Jewish Morals and Values

Its a wonderful world out there but it’s tough and challenging as well! Here at CHS we offer our students the opportunity for hands-on discussions and support them in their preparation to becoming a contributing and sensitive members of society.

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